Keisha Green

Chief People Officer

Keisha Green is the Chief People Officer at Anderson, where she spearheads the development and implementation of human resources processes, practices, and programs. With a focus on optimizing talent acquisition, benefits, and corporate training, Keisha partners with the organization to unlock and maximize the potential of its people.

Drawing from a wealth of experience, Keisha has held various leadership positions within Anderson Merchandisers, including Senior Vice President of In-Store Operations and Vice President of Human Resources. Her journey within the company began as a Corporate HR Manager, showcasing her commitment to growth and excellence.

Before joining Anderson Merchandisers, Keisha honed her expertise in leadership roles at institutions such as Bank of America, Cigna Healthcare, Herring Bank, and Infonxx. Her diverse background equips her with a multifaceted understanding of human resources and organizational dynamics.

Keisha earned her Master of Science degree in Human Resources from the University of Scranton, complementing her bachelor’s degree in English from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. With her blend of academic knowledge and hands-on experience, Keisha is dedicated to fostering a culture of success and empowerment within Anderson.