Our relentless spirit of excellence is evident in our four core values.

Customer – To serve our customers, associates, suppliers, and the communities with excellence.
Communication – To effectively share our culture with our associates, suppliers, and customers to increase sales and profits.
Leadership – The ability to teach individuals and organizations to surpass themselves.
Teamwork – A collaborative interaction to reach a common goal.

Our 10 Rules – Introduced 20 years ago by our executive leadership team, these rules have helped shape and position Anderson Merchandisers as a leading provider of in-store solutions. Every Anderson Merchandisers associate strives to incorporate the 10 rules into the day-to-day execution of our business.

1. Accept change by raising your expectations.
Change is inevitable – how well we embrace and implement the change into our goals will determine our success in life and in business. – Tim C., District Sales Manager

2. Perpetual acceleration through commitment.
I am very committed to my work and absolutely love my job. If I miss work I miss my second family. I'm committed to going into my stores every week and learning more and more on how Anderson is run. Thank you for giving me the opportunity of joining with Anderson. – Misty S., Territory Sales Lead

3. Be knowledgeable of the unknown.
The unknown can be quite scary and frustrating. Taking time to educate oneself helps avoid this in the workplace. Knowledge is the key to success; it helps you stay on track and complete items in a timely matter and helps others be successful. – Jen H., Territory Sales Lead

4. Consistently practice an entrepreneurial spirit.
I have a personal motto when it comes to any project, "Just Start." Don't hesitate to jump head first into any project, or problem. The best way to reach the finish line is to start the race. – Sean M., Field Training Specialist

5. Perpetually learn/teach.
We can all learn, especially from our mistakes. An honest mistake can pay dividends if shared with others to keep them from making the same one. Knowledge is not always given, sometimes you have to seek it out. Don't wait to be spoon fed you might starve to death! – Chuck C., District Manager

6. Every day manage for results.
If you do not keep your eye on the prize, whether that be achieving KPI's or activity completion to the client's expectations it will get away from you and it is difficult to gain control again. – Sandy F., District Sales Manager

7. Always add value.
Own it and win it! In other words, owning your store's space and winning placement each time, adds value and service daily. – Rachael H., Territory Sales Lead

8. You are service.
We should all keep in mind that if it was not for our customers we would be out of business. Always provide quality service so we have value when we are in our accounts. – Kathy M., District Sales Manager

9. Always be responsible for your own morale.
Being responsible for your own morale is so important in our everyday lives. Anything can happen when we walk into work that could ruin our day, but it's how we handle the situation that determines our success. – Greg H., Territory Sales Lead

10. Be a fixer, not a finger pointer.
Don't tell me who did it wrong; rather, tell me what it will take to fix it. Getting a team to remain positive and solution-oriented is the cornerstone of success. – Stephanie M., District Sales Manager