Employee Testimonials

Our greatest assets are our associates. We listen to what they say – and you should, too.

“As a Regional Manager, I have the opportunity to help and watch many different associates and clients grow. I’m very lucky because my job is different every single day, and I am always getting to see and learn what new businesses are hiring our great company. Being able to help our associates and company grow is very satisfying.”
Wayne Chiodo, Plano, TX – 7 years

“I love working for Anderson because, as a company, we are always striving for a better future, one that will secure the jobs of all our associates. I believe that the secret to change is to focus all of our energy NOT in the past, but building on the future and where we are going. It is exciting to see where we are heading and being a part of the new direction!”
Cindy Gray, Valrico, FL – 23 years

“I work with finest team in the nation. Most of all, I enjoy the people I meet around the country.”
Phil Street, Columbus, KS – 25 years

“The people: dedication, commitment and level of execution that our associates complete every day!!! Love the open and honest communication with anyone in the company.”
Bruce Gardner, McKinney, TX – 17 years

“Anderson Merchandisers and its associates succeed because of the care and commitment they have to each other. I love working at Anderson Merchandisers because of the people I get to work with each day and the excitement and success created by our team!”
Chris Mower, Bentonville, AR – 26 years

“I love working for Anderson Merchandisers because every day you are involved in new and exciting projects, while getting to work with others with that exact same fearless passion to succeed in everything we touch. It is also very rewarding to help others grow and reach their goals.”
Phillip Johnson, McDonough, GA – 11 years

“Living the 10 Rules and 4 Values has changed my life professionally and personally. I believe these rules are a huge part of our continued success as a company!”
Keith McDaniel, Slidell, LA – 31 years

"I have been with Anderson for 30 years, and as the business environments, and market demands change, Anderson continues to our show that they consistently practice having and entrepreneurial spirit. Anderson has continually reinvented themselves to exceed customer, client and associate expectations. They provide many growth opportunities for their associates by perpetually teaching our associates to excel at high levels of engagement. This results in a winning Anderson team!"
Candy Wehenkel, Director of Assets/Project Manager, Plano, TX – 30 years