Who We Are

Who We Are

  • CEO Charlie Anderson tours a Knoxville Walmart store with associates Abby Wilson, Mario Henriquez, and Derrick Davis.

Anderson’s success in connecting your brand to America’s shoppers is built on almost a century of experience in servicing retail accounts. Founded in 1917 in Florence, Alabama, Anderson started as a small newsstand in a makeshift shed. Within a year, the company began providing merchandising services to retail accounts in its hometown. By the 1920s, the work had spread across the region and Anderson established itself as only the second wholesale distributor in the Southeast.

From a simple newsstand, we’ve expanded to more than 5,000 associates and six state-of-the-art distribution centers strategically located to help you reach customers quickly anywhere in the nation.

Our company owes its success, in no small part, to adherence to our Ten Rules and Four Values:

Ten Rules
     1. Accept change by raising your expectations.
     2. Perpetual acceleration through commitment.
     3. Be knowledgeable of the unknown.
     4. Consistently practice an entrepreneurial spirit.
     5. Perpetually learn / teach.
     6. Every day, manage for results.
     7. Always add value.
     8. You are service.
     9. Always be responsible for your own morale.
     10. Continually seek improvement - be a fixer, not a finger-pointer.

Four Values
     Customer / Consumer


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